To keep Congress, Democrats need to get angry

For the Democrats to at least retain the Senate, they need to mobilize parts of the coalition that helped Obama win in 2012 when voter turnout was 58 percent. Too many in these key constituency groups traditionally stay home in midterm elections, such as the young and minorities. Bottom line: Democrats need to run a micro-managed campaign to energize (read: piss off) certain key parts of their base so these groups get angry enough to get out of their chairs and vote in November.

Of all these groups, Latino voters may in fact be the key for the Dems in 2014 since there will be a record 24.8 million eligible to vote in 2014. Only 31 percent of this group came out in 2010 midterm.

Consequently, there’s a great deal of potential upside if Democrats can mobilize this community.

Latino activist and attorney Raul Reyes said he believes that Latino voters would likely be energized to vote in 2014 if Obama took executive actions this summer that addressed immigration reform. This, coupled with continued GOP opposition to a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, may be just the thing to motivate/anger the Latino voting base to vote this November.

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