A Palestinian professor couldn't take his students to Auschwitz without getting death threats

The rights of the two peoples to the land — the Jewish right and the Arab Palestinian right — are not the outcome of their respective suffering, but simply of them both having a deep connection to it and having their respective identities as a people forged in it.

Al-Quds University does not see, or is not interested in, that distinction. It seems to believe that any acknowledgement of the Holocaust is an effective political endorsement of the state of Israel. And so, the University — which was not part of this educational visit, since it was organized by an outside organization — was quick to distance itself from the trip.

Fellow Palestinians then accused Dajani of collaboration and treason, even making threats on his life on social media outlets.

Dajani was not cowed. He issued a statement that as a teacher his responsibility is “to open new horizons to my students” and “to swim against the tide in search of truth,” and said that this was in adherence of the Holy Quran verse, “And say, My God increase my knowledge.”

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