Ron Paul: Criticizing my institute for publishing 9/11 Truth stuff is politically correct overkill

PAUL: Well, it’s just that people should have a right to express their viewpoints. If you read 99 percent of the article it was a fantastic article. But that doesn’t mean that—

FOSTER: Yeah, but that one percent is pretty nasty stuff, Dr. Paul.

PAUL: Yeah, I know, but that doesn’t mean that I endorse what he says, obviously! So I think that’s a little bit overkill with political correctness. People know my position, I’ve stated [it] on national television enough times. But Paul Craig Roberts has some very good views on war and civil liberties, and he shouldn’t be excluded because he takes this particular position. But that wasn’t the thrust of the article. So I think that, to me, the people who overly criticize something like that probably are the ones who have the problem, because—


PAUL: —I think most people realize exactly what my position is. And I think the government—see, the other reason [for] the confusion is, I don’t believe in government commissions. I don’t believe government commissions ever get to the bottom of anything, whether it’s an assassination committee, or a, you know, any type of commission they set up. They’re set up to cover the government, to protect the government, and to make sure nobody’s guilty of anything.

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