Poll: Plurality of Americans prefer economic equality even if it means less wealth overall

At the end of last year it emerged that the United States in 2013 was the most unequal that it had been since before the Great Depression. For the first time ever, too, the poorest 90% of Americans earn less than 50% of all pretax income in the country – 49.6% to be exact. This growth in inequality began around the late 1970s, as the U.S. economy adopted a progressively more free-market orientation. Defenders of this shift say that greater economic freedom, beyond being an intrinsic good, also freed entrepreneurs to create massive economic growth and that even if most rewards go to those who took the risks, economic growth benefits everyone even as society become more unequal.

The latest research from YouGov shows that Americans tend to favor a society which is more equal but poorer (39%) as opposed to a society which is wealthier but more unequal (31%). All Americans under the age of 65 tend to prefer equality over wealth, though 41% of over-65s would rather see a wealthier but more unequal society.

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