GOP's task during Congress's recess: Giving anti-ObamaCare speeches to new enrollees

Especially in states where enrollment finished strong, Republicans will need a nuanced message: Even if Obamacare helped you personally, it’s still bad for the country as a whole…

“I’ve never said the Obamacare law would not have some benefits to some people,” said Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. “But I have heard from countless individuals and small businesses who have seen huge premium hikes as a result of the law.”

Members are quick to repeat a litany of complaints they say constituents have, which they maintain proves the law’s negatives outweigh its positives.

“We’re talking about those outside of a narrow band of folks who have benefited from this law,” said Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina. “We’re talking about the average American who’s been harmed by it, and those are the people that are speaking today.”

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