If you're going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs

The diet, after all, suggests we should eat more like early hunter-gatherers did, and what could be easier to hunt and gather than bugs? (Martin uses the term “bugs” interchangeably with “insects” to refer to “terrestrial invertebrates.”) The creatures are packed with protein and other nutrients. In some non-Western cultures they are considered a staple; in others, a delicacy.

If we’re willing to eat cows, why not crickets? It’s just a matter of acclimation, Martin argues, using herself as an example. “I am a cautious person . . . and gastrointestinally sensitive. I’m allergic to alcohol and lactose intolerant, and breakfast cereal has been known to give me a stomachache.” Yet, one bite of a homemade wax-moth taco and Martin is converted into a culinary swashbuckler: “Delicious! Nutty, savory, earthy,” she writes of her creation. Who needs to worry about a bowl of Rice Krispies when you can nibble on foods that get their crackle and pop from leg joints and carapaces?

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