How "paycheck fairness" can backfire -- against women

If employers are pushed to the wall because of yet another bill that supposedly protects these poor, helpless people called women, who can’t possibly negotiate for themselves, they will create job descriptions that require performance metrics that make us all look like Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory.

The applicants for these replacement jobs are likely to be bought—not hired—from companies like Boston Dynamics, Google’s robotics company. Every time we make it harder for employers to succeed by imposing unreasonable standards on worker compensation, they’re more likely to turn to robots. Even The Economist has changed its tune on thinking that this new technology will create more jobs than it will destroy. A recent article, “Job destruction by robots could outweigh creation,” explains the risks facing employment.

At a time when jobs are just beginning to come back and Americans—both men and women—are digging out of the deep hole of the recession, why add another regulatory burden to employers who are already smothered in the do’s and don’ts of ‘human’ resources. Unless, of course, it’s just politics. If so, ladies, be careful what you wish for.

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