Race-baiting won't save the Democrats

In this new era of “hope and change” ushered in by the Obama Administration and cheered on by the allegedly objective news media, race has been used repeatedly to silence dissenting political voices or beat down principled differences of opinion. Promotion of photo id to protect the integrity of the ballot box from fraud? That’s rolling back the clock to the days of Jim Crow and poll taxes. Republican opposition to Obamacare? Racism.

Rather than champion issues of genuine concern to ethnic minorities in this country, many Democrat leaders in Washington D.C. today are content to treat those they claim to be fighting for as nothing more than ignorant, hapless and incapable of surviving in our society without the help of the federal government.

What makes the comments of Pelosi and Israel particularly reprehensible is that they offer no evidence of such scurrilous accusations. Such scare tactics have worked in the past to mobilize voters to support Democrats against Republicans allegedly waging a “war on women” or “disenfranchising the vote” by requiring all legally eligible voters to produce identification to prevent fraud.

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