Carville: If Republicans lose in 2016, the party will go extinct

“Fast forward to January 2016,” Carville said. “The most likely, though not the only scenario is Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee. Everybody’s going to have a poll in the field showing how they fare against Hillary. They’re not going to not nominate somebody because of Common Core [i.e., Jeb Bush].”

“Trust me,” Carville warned. “The party knows, and I use this word advisedly, that if it loses the 2016 presidential election, the Republican Party as we know it today will be extinct.”

“We heard that in 2008, too,” Laura Ingraham said.

“This will be the sixth out of seven elections in which they’ve lost the popular vote,” Carville replied. “The Republicans want to win this. That will be the biggest issue in January 2016: how can we beat Hillary Clinton?”

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