The media's selective political scandal addiction

Only in today’s perverse politically correct climate can four lawmakers be caught on a wire accepting bribes and gifts for official acts and have their actions brushed off due to racism. In fairness, laws presently on the books allow Pennsylvania legislators to take gifts legally. The fact that this is permissible is ludicrous, but the original investigation opened by then-attorney general Corbett (now Pennsylvania’s governor) probed whether these lawmakers accepted gifts and money in exchange for their votes against voter ID laws—clearly illegal to accept money for official acts. The point here is that the lawmakers took it upon themselves to enrich themselves at the hands of a phony lobbyist, but the national media has largely exercised their power to ignore the story—if you didn’t read about it or see it on television, it must not have happened, right?

Finally, we turn to our trusty Internet search engine to type in “Democrats indicted.” In case you haven’t heard, three California state senators were charged with a variety of crimes almost two weeks ago. A search I conducted late last week found hardly any stories written by a major publication – most of the commentary was limited to conservative sites such as, or

Only a week after the story originally broke, did the Washington Post, New York Times and the broadcast networks “discover” the story which portrayed Democratic legislators in a negative light. Purely coincidental, I’m certain.

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