Hey, potheads: Stop poisoning your pets

Consider the humble pot brownie. The first big problem for your dog is the chocolate, which is itself highly toxic to dogs. If the massive intake of chocolate doesn’t make Fluffy violently ill, then pot’s active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), certainly will. Just like chocolate, dogs don’t metabolize THC the way humans do, so the outcome isn’t pretty. As Pomeroy wrote previously, symptoms can include “anxiety, hallucinations, severe lethargy, unconsciousness… coma… drooling, vomiting, and loss of bladder control.”

“We see dogs stoned out of their minds for days,” Colorado State University veterinarian Dr. Tim Hackett told USA Today. “The dogs are terrified,” chimed in Denver veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald.

Dogs aren’t the only innocent bystanders, either. Cats can also be harmed by your wayward desserts, and there is at least one reported case of a ferret going into a coma. And of course, children occasionally get into their parents’ cannabis, as well, with similarly terrifying results.

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