Yes, Mr. President, ObamaCare's problems are "news"

“I want to make sure everybody understands,” he said, looking at press row. “In the months, years ahead … there will be additional challenges to implementing this law. There will be days when the website stumbles, I guarantee it. So, press, I want you to anticipate: There will be some moment when the website is down, and I know it will be on all of your front pages. It’s going to happen. It won’t be news.”

Take a moment to digest that comment, and to consider its context. He’s saying that if continues to have problems providing a service Americans are required by law to obtain, that’s not news. This might qualify as the most specious remark Obama has ever made as president…

Anecdotal evidence is cited by advocates on both sides of Obamacare, and when those anecdotes are true, they are certainly relevant to the conversation. So when the president relates the accounts of Americans who consider this law a godsend, that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But those testimonials flow both ways. Obama took no questions from the press in the Rose Garden, despite modern journalism being a two-way conversation. And one veteran White House correspondent, RealClearPolitics’ Alexis Simendinger, received a terse tweet in response to her story about the president’s event.

“Yet I’m one of those signups and I think the law is terrible,” it read. “Cancelled. Premium up. Deductible up. Lost access to doctor.”

And, yes, that is news, too.

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