Way past cool: Video games teach us how to fight the culture wars

Sega understood that taking on a market leader requires distinguishing your product from theirs in a way that is simple and that resonates in everything you do. The GOP on the other hand thinks appealing to people outside the “base” means looking like a cheap knock off. They believe appeal has to do with policy and votes and “tactics”, when in reality it’s about branding and marketing. Put the right face on what you’re selling, and people will buy it.

Sega was all about being the newest, fastest, most badass thing around, and we would do well to imitate that strategy. That means our mascot can’t be an old, white, rich, male, career politician like the John McCains and Mitt Romneys that go out there to rep for the GOP now. Lock those guys in a closet and find the hottest young businesswomen and men you can instead. I hate identity politics as much as the next guy, but the fact is you’re not going to convince anyone of anything if they stop listening because the person delivering the message fits a stereotype that makes them uninteresting or worse, untrustworthy.

Sega went right at Nintendo, and we need to send those new folks into enemy territory to do battle with the loudest opponents they can find. Dare to have the campaign events in the bluest districts in the country, and don’t fear the Jon Stewarts. Instead go on their shows and give their arguments the old “that’s so cute you still believe that”-style response you would for any five year-old’s naiveté about the world, because liberalism is for toddlers.

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