GOP rep: Soldiers should be able to carry a weapon at Fort Hood

Concealed carry is not permitted on military bases, and Megyn Kelly brought up that delicate issue in covering the Fort Hood shooting Wednesday night. Kelly pointed out to Republican congressman Mike McCaul how a bill was brought up in Congress to allow concealed carry for military members on bases, but the bill did not go anyway. Kelly was presumably referring to a bill proposed by Steve Stockman last year, and at the time Stockman specifically cited the 2009 Fort Hood shooting in pushing for the bill.

McCaul, the head of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Kelly, “I personally think if you’re trained for combat, you ought to be able to carry a weapon.” He said it’s undeniable that terrorists are targeting U.S. military bases and said, “It seems to me that there is some logic to allow them to carry weapons on a military base where they can defend themselves.”

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