Congressional Democrats don’t spike ball after ObamaCare enrollment win

“Elections are always about jobs,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday. “So I think that, while … we’re proud of the Affordable Care Act, we now pivot to job creation.”

House Democratic leaders emerged Wednesday from their weekly caucus meeting to trumpet an economic agenda that focuses on raising the minimum wage, extending jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed and overhauling the nation’s immigration system. And while a handful of Senate Democrats staged a Tuesday press briefing to cheer Obama-Care enrollment, there were, notably, no vulnerable Democrats in attendance.

Their desire to shift the emphasis, even after a week of good press is, at least in part, a concession that the healthcare law remains a liability for Democrats, particularly in swing areas they’re hoping to pick up in the House and keep in the Senate.

And it’s a political liability some members readily acknowledge, even as they’re defending the law’s underlying policies and touting its benefits.

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