ObamaCare is a winning bet for Democrats

After Alex Sink was sunk in the Florida special congressional race in February, my fellow Democratic strategists went back to their get-out-the-vote strategy and feared another 1994 or 2010 landslide election for the GOP. Well, Democratic voters might now be motivated to stand by the administration’s top legislative achievement more than ever — the same ABC/Post poll found that Democratic support for ObamaCare has reached 76 percent, which is up 11 percentage points from January. My fellow Democrats feared we didn’t have a motivating issue … well, Republican opposition to the law, to no one’s surprise, is at 78 percent.

I like being on the side of healthcare consumer. I think that is a winning argument for Democrats.

This past weekend was the Louisiana Derby, and with the Kentucky Derby on the horizon, I have been making some bets lately. One bet I made recently was with my friend Bill O’Reilly at Fox News, about the future and fate of ObamaCare. He gave the reform law a 25 percent chance of success, and among his colleagues, that might make him the most optimistic. Even on his show I was a critic of the Affordable Care Act rollout. I even called it a “disaster,” which it was. But I took that bet. And now, could somebody say the Congressional Budget Office, the federal government, and administration healthcare officials got the number of enrollees pretty right?

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