Vaccination rates at some NYC private schools are worse than those of developing countries

New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer obtained vaccination records from the New York State Department of Health and found that “245 New York City private schools fell short of the 95 percent vaccination rate which experts say prevents measles from spreading.”

Furthermore, Clint Rainey wrote:

“125 [schools] had rates below 90 percent, and 37 fell below 70 percent. The nine private schools with the lowest rates — between 41.5 percent and 18.4 percent — were so underimmunized that if any one of them somehow seceded and became a Sealand-style micro-nation, it would literally have had the worst measles vaccination rate in the world, according to WHO numbers.”

It’s important to note that this is one area where perfection is actually possible — some schools have vaccination rates that are 100%.

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