Immigration reform is a moral imperative

But we also must remember that every individual is created in the image of God and precious in His sight. This means laws for how immigrants will enter the U.S. in the future and how those already here are dealt with should acknowledge each person’s God-given dignity. That means a system that allows new Americans to find safe and legal work to support their immediate families.

It makes sense to prioritize entry for those who have education and job skills, and the spouses and minor children of legal immigrants already here also deserve to be let in. However, chain migration—the current failed system that treats every blood relative the same for purposes of entry to the U.S.—needs to be replaced with a more humane and rational system that strengthens marriage and family.

Someone who obeys the law should not be forced to wait years, and in some cases decades, to be joined by his or her spouse or child. Strong marriages and families help produce better citizens.

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