Coming soon to Idaho and Wyoming: An 80 mph speed limit

You should be able to drive across the Northwestern part of the United States a little more quickly in the coming months. Idaho and Wyoming have just passed laws to raise some interstate speed limits to 80 miles per hour.

The Idaho law goes into effect on July 1, but there could be a delay because the Idaho Transportation Department is still conducting safety surveys to decide where to raise limits. It might be late summer before drivers actually see a change. According to a report from local television news station KMVT, the department actually opposed the bill, but it was pushed through by the state’s legislature. Now, the agency has to find a way to implement the change. (Scroll down to watch a video of a KMVT news broadcast explaining the development).

The Wyoming law also begins on July 1, and according to the Casper Star-Tribune, the state’s department of transportation is conducting studies to decide where to increase speeds.

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