Secret warplane appears over Texas

We know the thing in Douglass and Muskett’s photos isn’t a B-2 because, according to Douglass, Sweetman got the Air Force to confirm that no B-2s were in the area.

We don’t think it’s an X-47B. The Navy has two of the drones, but they spend most of their time in Patuxent River, Maryland, at the sailing branch’s main aircraft test base. Besides, the mystery jet seems to be much bigger than an X-47.

Sweetman, for his part, didn’t seem to think the secret plane is an RQ-180, either—probably because the apparent shape is slightly wrong and because the RQ-180 is unmanned. Douglass overheard radio traffic between pilots in a three-ship flight—using the call sign “Sienna”—that seems to have been the mystery jets.

So why Amarillo? We have no idea.

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