Peace in the culture wars -- if the Left wants it [link fixed]

The culture war isn’t religious versus secular. It’s a clash of two faiths.

Interestingly, mandate champion Sandra Fluke provides us with a way out: “Your boss shouldn’t be involved in your health care decisions — that’s common sense,” she wrote this week.

Exactly. Your boss shouldn’t be telling you what pills to take, and he shouldn’t be paying for your pills. To get peace in this arena, we have to disentangle employment from health care, which requires repealing parts of Obamacare and scrapping the tax preferences for employer-based insurance.

Also, peace can be made on the broader religious liberty question. Some on the secular Left see appeals to religious liberty as special pleading. Why should the religious have special rights and be immune from the civil law?

Religion is explicitly favored by the First Amendment and the RFRA, but these protections could be broadened to cover all conscience rights.