New Jersey Democrat Frank Pallone: Republicans were right to worry about Sandy aid being mishandled

Representative Pallone called the Christie administration’s handling of federal relief “disturbing” outside of a union hall in Wall Township, New Jersey Sunday. Pallone was there with Senator Cory booker to accept his nomination for a fourteenth term in Congress from Monmouth County Democrats.

As he chomped on an apple, Pallone explained to The Daily Beast: “When we were trying to get the money for Sandy, part of the opposition that was coming from the Western and Southern states was that they claimed the money would go down a rat hole and be mismanaged.”

Pallone said it was embarrassing “that it actually happened” like those Republicans said it would. “I have to go back to the very people who said ‘I didn’t want to vote for this because it wasn’t going to be managed properly’ now that they’ve been proven right.” Pallone took a bite of his apple. “It’s very sad.”