If feminists like women, why are they constantly trying to change us?

Feminism these days basically seems to mean denying our biological differences, much less how these differences might affect what we do with our lives. We’re supposed to just be like men. All the time. We’re supposed to do everything in our power to keep our wombs barren — using chemicals or the violence of surgery, if necessary — for decades at a time so we can be not-pregnant just like men are not-pregnant. We’re supposed to view sex the same way men view sex, even though the consequences of sex are actually entirely different for men and women.

We’re supposed to ban words so girls can be CEOs who outsource childcare to other people (usually lower income mothers), never-mind that most women actually express a desire to have some sort of work-life balance that does not involve being CEOs. Nevermind that being a CEO actually sounds miserable to a good portion of the entire population, male and female!

We’re supposed to force women into STEM careers whether they want it or not. I was a STEM student (assuming economics counts — definitions vary). There were very few women in my class — even though economics is one of the more relationship-minded fields related to mathematics. I always liked to point out that the name of the field comes from the Greek oikonomíā, for household management. But now that I do real household management, I can tell you that keeping children alive and giving them and my husband the comforts of home is more fulfilling than even utilizing whatever I gleaned from intermediate macroeconomics. If you can believe it.