Tapper: The White House is concerned Russia could invade Ukraine as soon as this weekend

Quoting unnamed administration officials, CNN host Jake Tapper revealed that the White House is “concerned” that Russia could invade South and East Ukraine “possibly as soon as this weekend.” He said that, in spite of Russia’s assurances that the large numbers of troops and military equipment amassed along the Ukrainian border are there merely for training exercises, the White House believes that Moscow could be planning a broader incursion into Ukraine.

“There is now real apprehension that Vladimir Putin could push even further into Ukraine, perhaps as soon as this weekend,” Tapper said. He quoted anonymous administration officials who are “concerned” that the Russians are not being honest when they claim that the troops stationed along the Ukrainian border are not preparing for an invasion. …

The CNN host added that such an invasion could be carried out by Russia so quickly that Western nations would barely have the opportunity to “raise objections” over it.