One year later, the same old Republican party

The GOP has failed to change their actions or tone from the party that in 2012 told immigrants they should “self deport” and women that they had the ability to “shut that whole thing down” when raped. What changes we have seen from the Republican Party are just superficial, tactical changes. Nothing they have done changes the fact that they have an out-of-touch agenda that prioritizes opportunity for some instead of creating opportunity for all.

They may have set out to become a party that is more “inclusive and welcoming,” as the Autopsy Report suggests but a year later, the GOP is moving in the opposite direction. They continue to alienate large communities of Americans with rhetoric and policy that divides us and is simply outside of the mainstream.

In the past year, we’ve heard Republican leaders and operatives call a female candidate an “empty dress,” talk about women’s “libidos,” and — once again — try to downplay abuse. We’ve heard them use derogatory terms to describe Latino immigrants, use insulting stereotypes for African-Americans and our president, and support outright discrimination against LGBT Americans.

Sadly, this type of rhetoric is only the beginning of their problems — their policies are simply out of step with the majority of American voters.

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