ObamaCare is awful, and Republicans have alternatives

Top-down control is not the way to fix healthcare. Americans should be given more choices in choosing plans and shopping for services. More options and more competition mean lower prices, which in turn means greater access.

So first, Republicans have long proposed allowing consumers to purchase healthcare across state lines, just as they can purchase almost any other good or service. Your healthcare choices shouldn’t be limited by the state you happen to live in. If there’s a good plan available in Wisconsin, someone in Florida should be able to buy it, too.

Second, we could allow small businesses to pool together to negotiate lower insurance rates for their employees. Instead of sticking them with expensive mandates and regulations from Washington, why don’t we make it cheaper for small businesses to give their workers health coverage?

Third, we’ve got to stop the frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs. We need tort reform. This could include putting a cap on non-economic damages and creating specialized health courts.