Ezra Klein, Paul Ryan, and the left's demand for strict conformity

We have arrived at a point where a white Republican who talks about poverty is labeled a racist. The goal is to disincentivize white Republicans from even talking about such things — in order to preserve the status quo.

Of course, Ryan was essentially just continuing a conversation liberal Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan had begun 50 years ago, when he had the courage to warn that the welfare state might be breaking up the family unit, harming black families, and increasing urban poverty.

For daring to speak the truth and help solve the problem, even Moynihan was accused of being “something of a racist.”

Every once in a while, you’ve got to throw at one of your own players.

Something similar is taking place right now with liberal Ezra Klein, who is being labeled something of a homophobe. Okay, it’s not to that level…yet — but he is clearly being told that, when it comes to staffing up his new online venture, Vox, he had better get in line.