Huckabee woos pro-life crowd: "I can be the full spectrum of conservative"

“Whether it is politically expedient or not, is no consequence to me. I tell people all the time and this is the God’s truth, I did not become pro-life because I got into politics. I got into politics because as a pro-life person I believe if we get this issue wrong we will get all the other issues wrong,” he said to thunderous applause.

He stressed that he is the full package when it comes to conservatism: social to economic and culture to defense.

“I’m convinced that as a conservative I can be the full spectrum of conservative,” he said. “I don’t have to quit being pro-life and pro-family to also be a person who believes that the government should take less money from each family and should spend less,” he said, going on to assert his belief in limited government spending, strong national defense, and American exceptionalism.

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