What was the point of ObamaCare?

I’m reminded of the scene in Atlas Shrugged when the politicians pile on a bunch of new regulations that will crush the steel industry. When Hank Rearden asks them what they’re counting on, they reply: “You’ll do something.” It’s the same pattern: vilify the insurance industry, crush it with new regulations, and then expect it to somehow make the new system work—with the threat that if it doesn’t, they will take the blame, not the bureaucrats.

So that’s the goal of ObamaCare: to allow bureaucrats like Emanuel to redesign the health care system in a way that flatters their pretensions of being super-geniuses who know what’s best for the rest of us—while shifting responsibility onto others for the actual results.

But the Ezekiel Emanuels own ObamaCare, and they deserve to take the fall as reality exposes all of their glowing promises.