The most hated man in Washington

He sees Heritage’s work this year as in keeping with the group’s goals. “If you study the history of Heritage you will find that from the start it has sought to be a policy institution that influences the policy making debate,” he told me through a spokesperson. “The creation of Heritage Action added an important new dimension to what Heritage has done for decades. Heritage Action holds politicians accountable, something the Foundation itself cannot do.”

“Do politicians like it? Some probably do not, but that reveals more about them than it does Heritage or Heritage Action.”

The disdain is mutual.

“They’re the ones who—it just seems to me that they are running a campaign to really screw Republicans,” said Feehery, referring to Heritage Action and the Senate Conservatives Fund. “I find them to be—it’s treacherous what they’re doing to the Republican Party.”

As for DeMint? He’s “annoying,” Feehery conceded. But he’s really not much more than that.