Scarborough for president?

In any event, seeing Joe navigate a 2016 primary fight with most of talk radio taking aim at him, along with a lot of others, would be something to see. I think conservatives with a natural and understandable reaction that he’s from MSNBC and can’t be trusted might be taken off guard. I wouldn’t be dismissive of him. Like Herman Cain thriving in debates in 2012, Joe is on television three hours a day. I can tell you from the Oxford Union debate in November than all the time on talk radio made me far more prepared for debate than law school, etc.

Additionally, I think some people might be surprised by how pro-life Joe is. He rose in prominence before his congressional campaign for defending a man in court who had killed an abortion doctor. Then Joe ran for Congress and the GOP establishment in Washington backed a Democrat turned Republican convert over Joe. Newt Gingrich believed Joe was too conservative for the district, but he won.

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