ObamaCare is just another word for the laws we ignore together

According to the Congressional Research Service, the Obama administration has probably missed half of the deadlines of the Affordable Care Act. Here’s a list of 13 executive alterations Now, if all this haphazard implementation were only a matter of improving what are onerous and poorly written facets of Obamacare, that would be one thing. A bad thing, yes. But what makes this free-for-all an especially blatant abuse of power is that the delays are enacted almost exclusively for political reasons.

If some of your deep-pocketed cronies visit the White House, delay the law’s employer mandate. Why not? If the risible Medicare cuts you concoct to sell ACA to voters by keeping the price tag under a trillion dollars become distasteful to voters leading up to an election, just delay the cuts until we you have a more advantageous environment. If caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs haven’t panned out like you promised — delay for another year. Small Business Health Options Program? Delay. Employee auto-enrollment? Delay. Pre-existing conditions insurance sign-up? Delay.

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