Shut out: Dem senators shun Obama on trail

“I don’t care to have him campaign for me,” said Alaska Sen. Mark Begich. “I’d rather him come up to see where his policies aren’t working. He’s wrong on ANWR, we’ve had struggles to try to get our permits done down in the southeast for our timber industry, I want to show him how important the military is in Fairbanks.”…

Several sources said the White House is debating how and where to deploy the first lady. In 2012, many of her events on behalf of the president’s reelection were focused on voter registration, and so she could help promote turnout and energize the Democratic base without endangering candidates by a close connection to the president — particularly in places like New Orleans, where local turnout could make the difference for Sen. Mary Landrieu.

“They will help us a lot — in lots of different ways,” Bennet said. “I think they’re both committed to doing everything they can to help us.”

Asked if Michelle Obama would campaign for Senate Democrats, Bennet said: “I certainly would hope so. I certainly would love it if she did, but she has other responsibilities, too.”

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