Is Mitch McConnell the new underdog?

Part of McConnell’s problem lies in the fact that he’s fending off attacks from both his left and right flanks. With a primary challenge from businessman Matt Bevin, he’s sustained attacks from conservative groups that have further dinged him along with Democrat hits.

And with his favorables so low, it’s difficult for him at this point to hammer Lundergan Grimes too hard or focus all his resources on her until he moves past the May primary.

The new numbers turned heads in Bluegrass State political circles. Al Cross, a veteran Kentucky political reporter and University of Kentucky professor, said he was “surprised” to see McConnell’s favorability so low in the poll, noting that the results show an exodus of one-time McConnell supporters he needs to recapture.

“The poll gives me the impression that she’s not driving her own numbers, that it’s McConnell that’s driving the numbers,” he said. “McConnell is on his knees at this time.”

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