Can Matt Bevin beat Mitch McConnell?

The data suggests that voters either don’t know Bevin or don’t know what to make of him. If he’s the conservative candidate, then why do McConnell’s numbers get higher the farther right on the spectrum you look?

“If you’re a Republican, what’s your natural inclination? To say, ‘I’m conservative,’” Bevin said. “‘In fact, I’m very conservative.’ But frankly a lot of Republicans are not. Including Mitch McConnell. He’s not a conservative person. He’s at best a moderate person. He’s a progressive. Progressives by nature tend to be kind of middle of the road and moderate in their ideology.”

While McConnell as a progressive might be a tough sell, Bevin isn’t lacking for confidence, even saying that mispronunciations of his name are positive signs.

“When people mispronounce it, they’re doing it out of familiarity, ironically,” he said. It’s not a complicated name.

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