Why we at the RNC built Para Bellum Labs

We’re building out a unified data warehouse – merging our voter, donor and digital marketing data for the first time – so we can better understand the electorate by understanding individual voters. We have matched our email file to our national voter database and donor database. As a part of this effort the RNC email file has more than doubled since Election Day 2012 to 2.8 million addresses we are now actively mailing, and we expect millions more to come online in 2014. More importantly, we are using this combined view of our most active supporters to get them even more involved.

This data-centric approach is coming up alongside new digital marketing capabilities that are an essential part of Para Bellum Labs. Our long-term success will be found in our ability to align our data, with technology platforms, and our ability to effectively communicate and activate voters.

We’re already seeing some early success on this front. Our multi-channel digital marketing efforts have helped us acquire 169,000 new online supporters in January alone; many of these organically acquired names have come through Facebook. Our new automated systems for matching them to our voter file have enabled us to match more than three-quarters of them to their voting history.

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