When a Republican senator fails to understand the difference between force and choice

On Wednesday afternoon, Rubio tweeted out his bewilderment that some of the same people applauding CVS’s decision to cease selling tobacco products are also advocates for legalized marijuana…

There’s an explicit difference between coercion and choice. CVS willingly, without the coercive mandates of government, decided to frown upon tobacco use and remove it from their stores. They may ultimately suffer financially from cigarette smokers who patronize other shops, but that’s the risk CVS has willingly taken.

People of all political stripes who find cigarettes to be harmful can praise CVS for taking such a risk and still remain in favor of legalizing marijuana, another potentially harmful product. Why? Because praising a company for voluntarily deciding not to sell so-called “bad decisions” to its consumers does not mean you believe those individuals shouldn’t also have the right to make a bad decision like smoke cigarettes.

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