GOP can't run against ObamaCare but back Obamigration

How can the Republicans run against the anti-worker policy of Obamacare while championing the anti-worker policy of Obamigration? The massive increase in immigration and “temporary” workers found in the Senate’s Schumer-Rubio bill, and the House GOP principles that echo it, makes no sense economically or politically. Schumer-Rubio doubles future legal immigration and guestworkers, in addition to giving work permits to maybe 10 million illegal aliens. As Phyllis Schlafly wrote on the home page Monday, “If employers really are having trouble finding workers, the private-enterprise solution should be to raise the pay! A tight labor market is the best anti-poverty program.”

Not only does supporting a massive increase in immigration make no sense economically, it makes no sense politically. One of the GOP’s biggest electoral problems is the perception that the party is beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and to rich people with car elevators. Passing an increase in the importation of foreign labor at a time of record rates of non-work only reinforces the narrative that Republicans don’t care about average Americans.

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