Benghazi is a 2016 proxy war

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Republican National Committee is openly saying the party’s negative research team is focused on Hillary Clinton. He specifically mentioned Benghazi.

“We have to be very aggressive,” in looking at Clinton, said Reince Priebus in a December interview with talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

At this point, Americans can conclude on the basis of available evidence that the Republican fixation on Benghazi has less to do with the facts of the tragedy than with their assessment that it is their best and only remaining hope to derail Clinton’s chances of winning the White House.

The GOP may be right to keep the fire hot.

A new Fox News poll finds 60 percent of registered voters believe Clinton is to blame for what happened in Benghazi. There was no surprise that 80 percent of Republicans blame Clinton. But it is news that 41 percent of Democrats agree with that opinion. That’s a danger to Clinton.

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