Obama faces backlash on executive power

The executive agenda outlined in the Politico Pro report — which described an administration eager to shape everything from the content of third-grade math tests to the recipe for Reese’s Pieces to the fuel sources that power our homes — spooks voters, and not just Republicans, said Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah). “This is something that people react to viscerally,” Stewart said.

Republican lawmakers have called dozens of hearings – and made even more speeches – to rake over the administration’s regulatory actions, though they have little power to block them. No cause is too small: Truckers’ hours. Silica dust exposure. Junk food marketing. The effect of health insurance mandates on substitute teachers. And yes, ceiling fan efficiency standards.

Republicans have also filed lawsuits and legislative amendments trying to rein in executive power. One resolution calling for the House to take stronger legal action is sponsored by Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.). He calls it the S.T.O.P. act – for Stop This Overreaching Presidency.

Big business and big industry have stepped in, too. They’ve sued to overturn regulations. They’ve also sought to delay the rule-making process by demanding more time to evaluate draft regulations — and then flooding agencies with comments.

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