Actually, these are the most Godless cities in America

In response to the ABS study, the popular Bible-searching website has released a study of its own with some striking findings. Based only on how often people in a given city use its Bible-searching software (and controlling for population size), Bible Gateway finds Atlanta, Ga. to be the most Bible-reading city in America, followed by Dallas/Fort Worth at No. 2. Chattanooga, Tenn., which bested the competition as America’s most “Bible-minded” city in the ABS survey, need not fret; the city weighs in at a respectable 8th place in the Bible Gateway rankings.

But Bible Gateway’s different methodology—which, perhaps most significantly, does not take into account whether or not a reader considers the Bible to be literally true—yields some remarkable differences from the ABS study. Washington, D.C., for example, was ranked a lowly 80 by ABS, but leaps up to third place for its Bible-reading habits.