Meet Preet -- Obama’s hatchet man against filmmakers

And how exactly is it that one of the few movie directors in all the land not euphorically supportive of President Obama is the one who wound up having his campaign contributions scrutinized by the feds? Has the Department of Justice already combed through the $160 million Hollywood dumped into political campaigns in the past six years — the vast, vast majority of which goes to Mr. Obama and his Democrats? And the first hit just happens to be the one conservative in the whole bunch?

“Routine review,” Mr. Bharara told reporters.

Yeah right. You mean the “routine review” of conservative filmmakers whose scathing anti-Obama documentaries have titles that begin with the letter “O” and end in the year “2016.”

Can you imagine how the President’s private phone lines would light up if the feds got caught poking through campaign donations of Harvey Weinstein? Or Stephen Spielberg? Or Jeffrey Katzenberg?

Of course not. Because it would never get that far.