Time for Obama to punch hard

Why not get off the mat and fight, shame politicians who refuse to consider good ideas by calling them out, and let voters know some Republicans are more concerned with being the darling of right-wing talk show hosts than with doing what is right for the nation?

Get up and say that out loud.

Get up and say that all the critics who complain about big government are ignoring that the government today has the fewest employees in nearly half a century even though the nation is a third bigger; tell the critics that government spending as a percentage of the economy is near the lowest it has been under any president in the last 30 years; speak with pride about the drive to give every American decent healthcare.

Look, if his opponents are going to hate him for being a successful liberal in two presidential elections, Obama might as well use his powerful pulpit to put up a good fight for what most Americans believe needs to be done.

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