Now comes Sandra Fluke, social justice attorney

Huckabee criticized Democrats for insulting women by insisting they are helpless without government to provide even intimate needs. Fluke stings him for saying, or implying (though she used the quotation marks), that women who make use of birth control have an “overactive libido.”

Not only did Fluke lie about what he actually said, but her criticism doesn’t even address Huckabee’s point. It actually proves his point, since she goes on to argue that women ought to be able to depend on government for birth control so they can “control their lives” and “help the economy.” (They can’t control their lives otherwise?)

I’m not going to tell Sandra Fluke whether women should feel insulted by those rather bleak assumptions. It is insulting, though, to anyone with a reasonable degree of intelligence to read an argument based entirely on a deliberate misrepresentation of what the opposing side has said.

I don’t know about Social Justice Court, but in most courts such tactics are subject to objection, or even sanction.

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