Reefer gladness

Now that Coloradans can buy recreational pot, the mood has shifted from self-consciously therapeutic, medicating “patients,” to self-consciously scientific and capitalistic, serving consumers. “Education managers” in white lab coats and marketing executives in suits are swarming in. Many use the more formal term cannabis and refer to themselves loftily as “the 420 community,” so intent on setting a good example they could be Shakers.

“I don’t want to use the word ‘pot’ or ‘weed’ or ‘smoke’ or ‘joint,”’ says a pretty 37-year-old event planner who uses the nom de pot Jane West (Mary Jane in the West) and owns a company called Edible Events. “If we redefine it as consuming cannabis, then maybe people will be more open to that. There are only so many hoodie-wearing stoners in town. This needs to be opened up to other demographics.” West is especially interested in wooing women, getting them to equate cannabis with a glass of wine.

“Many women think it’s something that makes you dumb,” she says, arguing that women should leave the Valley of the Dolls — anti-anxiety pills and Ambien — and switch to “the Napa Valley of cannabis.”