Should the U.S. deport Justin Bieber?

I bet that, right about now, many of those Mexican immigrants who were deported because they came to the attention of local police officers for a burned-out taillight, or for not making a complete stop at an intersection, are wishing that they had been a rich, white kid with marginal music ability and too much money. If so, things might have gone differently for them.

Meanwhile, Congress seems to be getting ready to debate how to fix the immigration system. The major question will be what to do with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. But along the way, lawmakers must also revisit and revamp the unfair O-1 work visa program. There is enough favoritism in the immigration system as it is. If people come from certain countries or have certain skills, they’re more likely to get in. We don’t need more of that brand of preferential treatment for singers, actors or ice skaters.

Just like we don’t need a certain Canadian import. If Bieber is convicted of the alleged crimes in South Florida, he should get what many other foreigners have already received for less serious infractions: a one-way ticket out of the country.

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