U.S. investigating Dennis Rodman for busting sanctions on North Korea

“The Department is aware of the media allegations that Dennis Rodman may have transported luxury goods to North Korea. Our regulations require a license for the export or reexport to North Korea of all U.S.-origin items except food and certain medicines,” Eugene Cottilli, spokesman for the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security, told The Daily Beast. “We do not comment on possible or pending investigations. We have no further comment at this time.”

According to federal regulations, “luxury goods” as defined by this law include “luxury automobiles; yachts; gems; jewelry; other fashion accessories; cosmetics; perfumes; furs; designer clothing; luxury watches; rugs and tapestries; electronic entertainment software and equipment; recreational sports equipment; tobacco; wine and other alcoholic beverages; musical instruments; art; and antiques and collectible items, including but not limited to rare coins and stamps are subject to a general policy of denial.”

In other words, “Bad Ass Vodka” and high-end handbags are off-limits.

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