Bolton 2016: Is there an opening for a hawk in the GOP primaries?

A strange thing happened Tuesday night at a Los Angeles dinner packed with well-heeled businesspeople and Republican donors.

A conservative, best known for his hawkish views on foreign policy, got a rousing ovation when he said he was “thinking about” running for president in 2016…

Still, it remains far from clear whether any of the potential GOP contenders—including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who is just wrapping up a tour of Asia—plan to run in the full-throated, expand-the-military tradition of Ronald Reagan.

Which is why a Bolton candidacy, if nothing else, could add real spice to the GOP debate stage. The former U.N. envoy for President George W. Bush has formed two national political-action committees to support pro-defense GOP congressional candidates. He has also been taking a lot of shots lately not only at President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, but also at his own party.