Enlisting companies to invest in veterans

Responding to the challenge requires leadership from private business. And like most aspects of leadership, the tone needs to start at the top. In the past several years, a number of American companies have demonstrated impressive support for our veterans, not only by hiring large numbers of them, but by hiring them with the goal of developing them into future leaders.

These companies offer their veteran employees not just full-time positions, but also on-the-job training, support with educational endeavors, advancement opportunities and a chance to progress as their skills increase. They know that such assistance often translates into higher employee retention. Typically, their companies’ human resources departments keep track of the men and women who went through the program to track the percentage who are still working at the company, as well as how many have completed training programs and advanced in their careers.

But there also are companies that ignore America’s obligation to our veterans, as well as companies that hire large numbers but don’t do so with the commitment necessary to enable these veterans to build a lasting future.

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