2014: The UN year of solidarity with the Palestinians

Last week UNESCO tore down an exhibit on the Jewish people’s ties to the land of Israel, just before it opened to the public, because it offended Arab states. Unfortunately, the move was only the tip of the UN iceberg.

All visitors to UN Headquarters in New York, including school children from across America, walk off the elevator straight into the “Palestine” exhibit.

The UN tour’s first stop communicates malignant historical revisionism. According to the display, Palestinians are the new Jews, having suffered an “exodus” in 1948. Total Arab rejection of a Jewish state (contrary to the 1947 UN partition resolution), and repeated efforts to annihilate Israel, are not mentioned. Instead, in 1948 “the first Arab-Israeli war breaks out.” Nor is there any apparent reason for the “two wars” of 1967 and 1973.

The only “contravention of international law” is by Israel. The year 1987 began not a murderous campaign against Israeli civilians, but a justifiable “Palestinian uprising.”

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